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Digital Thermostats Allow Versatile Climate Control

trane digital thermostat

Digital thermostats put you in precise control of your heating and cooling system. Different makes and models offer a variety of beneficial features. They’re reliable, easy to operate, and fit in seamlessly with your home or business décor.

Digital thermostats offer some of these top capabilities:

• Permanently remember your temperature settings.
• Control both precise temperature and proper humidity levels.
• Remind you of maintenance required like a monthly air filter replacement or spring and fall preventative maintenance visit.
• Maintain a program of cyclical time and temperature set points on different days of the week. You can have one Monday through Friday program and one Saturday and Sunday program in some models.
• Connect via Wi-Fi to a mobile device allowing you to make changes on the fly.
• Use electrical power but have battery backup in the event of a power outage.

Consider programmable digital thermostats for your home comfort.

A programmable digital thermostat works without wasting your time daily at the control panel. Program your digital thermostat once and continue on with your daily activities. Cycling the temperature is your opportunity to save money on energy spent heating or cooling your space. At the same time, you can stay perfectly comfortable.

The temperature can be lowered in the winter or increased in the summer at the least offensive times. For example, when you’re away at work or sleeping give your heating and cooling system a break. Depending on your climate, there’s an efficient operation recommended in your area for summer versus winter.

It’s best to program a small interval of time for the ramp to your ideal temperature. You won’t have to peel off layers as soon as you enter the house in the summer or keep your coat on an extra half hour in the winter. Instead, the ramp to the right temperature occurs during your commute or while your family is still sleeping.

Universal has digital thermostats to fit your space and your budget

Whether you’re interested in basic digital thermostats or ones with all the bells and whistles, Universal has the product for you. Even our most basic options offer permanent temperature control and a tight tolerance. Call us at 615-859-0985 for digital thermostats installation, calibration, and programming.

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